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Marriage Horoscope

How will be your In Laws

How will be your in laws

I have already published enough about marriage and married life as per horoscope. In previous article I have explained how the planets affect your marriage and relationship. If you read my previous articles, you could even determine when will you get married, how will be your life partner, husband or wife. Sometimes, people ask me how will be their in ...

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ताकि रिश्ता न टूटे

आपकी बेटी की रिश्ते की बात चल रही होती है तो एक तरफ आपको लड़के वालों की हाँ का इन्तजार होता है तो वहीं दूसरी ओर अपनी बेटी के भविष्य की चिंता होती है | साथ ही कहीं न कहीं मन में यह भी होता है कि कहीं रिश्ता बनते बनते न रह जाए | जब तक शादी हो न ...

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Life after marriage

How Would be life after marriage? Some people after marriage gets new opportunities in career while some stuck into hurdles & misfortune. If you are not feeling any good after marriage or destiny is not with you, your horoscope could have answer behind this situation. Venus is the planet who comes into our life as a life partner after marriage. ...

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How will be career after marriage

how will be career after marriage

The marriage is the turning point of life. Our life changed after marriage. The two person’s destiny involves making a home after marriage. In husband’s horoscope the seventh house is of his wife as well as a wife’s horoscope have 7th house of his husband. In every horoscope there is a planet that is responsible for bright future.  It depends ...

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Will he ever marry me?

will he ever marry me

Most people who asks this questions, are true lovers. It means you love him and he don’t care or you don’t know he will marry you or not. But astrology have the answer. Just open the horoscope of your partner and let’s analyze if he will marry you or not. Jupiter is known for honesty and justice and Rahu is ...

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Delay in Marriage ?

Delay in Marriage – What Astrology Says – शादी में देर ? क्या कहती है आपकी कुंडली Delay in marriage is commonly asked question. It is not possible to answer all queries So I am providing some important knowledge to my readers regarding marriage delays as per astrology. You will  learn what planets are responsible for delay in marriage as ...

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