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ताकि रिश्ता न टूटे

आपकी बेटी की रिश्ते की बात चल रही होती है तो एक तरफ आपको लड़के वालों की हाँ का इन्तजार होता है तो वहीं दूसरी ओर अपनी बेटी के भविष्य की चिंता होती है | साथ ही कहीं न कहीं मन में यह भी होता है कि कहीं रिश्ता बनते बनते न रह जाए | जब तक शादी हो न ...

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Will he ever marry me?

will he ever marry me

Most people who asks this questions, are true lovers. It means you love him and he don’t care or you don’t know he will marry you or not. But astrology have the answer. Just open the horoscope of your partner and let’s analyze if he will marry you or not. Jupiter is known for honesty and justice and Rahu is ...

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Horoscope Compatibility

Free Horoscope Compatibility Check Online If you are looking for online horoscope compatibility test you are at right place. Please use the comment box below to send your requests. If you want to check your compatibility with your partner, onlinehoroscope.in is the best place because you gets manual compatibility test by Astrologer Ashok Prajapati. For Free horoscope compatibility test just ...

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